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(MACFAST Library & Information Centre)

MACFAST Library and Information Centre is the treasure house of knowledge and information that support the academic pursuit of students and faculty members through timely acquisition of resources. The library provides services to meet the requirements of post graduate students, research students and faculty members.

About MLIC

MACFAST Library and Information Centre has been on track since the inception of the college at 2001. The library spread across 6616.1088 Square feet with a comprehensive collection in Management, Computer Applications and Bioscience subjects. The library has a separate collection for general books, journals, magazines, bound volumes, CD-ROMS and projects. The library also well equipped with electronic resources and database like EBSCO, ProQuest and e-books collections, etc. Library also has a digital repository system D-Space and digital library, separate place for research scholars and ample reading space provide a good ambience for study and learning.

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To provide access to global information for academic excellence through research and innovation in the perspective of sustainable future.


To provide the academic community with impeccable access to the spectrum of information resources in print, digital and online mode.

Our Collection


Reference Books





Our Services


The library follows an Open Access policy. You can pick a book of your choice from the shelves and may refer to it in the library or borrow them.


The library has a good collection of Encyclopaedia’s, Yearbooks and other reference titles. The reference books cannot be borrowed.

Internet & Wifi Facility

The library has excellent computer terminals for internet use. The internet and Wi-Fi service is available in all the libraries.


The library photocopying service is available from from 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM in regular working days and 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM on saturdays.

Journal Archives

The library maintains a good collection of journals and magazine archives in bound volumes.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

The library has a membership with other Institutional libraries. The membership cards are available at the library circulation desk.

User Orientation

The Library offers user orientation program to its users on the subscribed resources and other facilities.

Visiting Information

We welcome the use of the library by our alumni or external members for their research and reference..



Ms. Ann Anie Reji

MCA (2017-19), 1st Rank Holder
Software Developer, UST Global

The library with a calm and soothing atmosphere, the best place to explore the knowledge, facts and materials. Last days of exam made me rush into library to hook into the publications. The very pleasing and vast area made me feel much comfortable to have the final perfect touch of my last minute preparation more fruitful.

Mrs. Kripa Thankachan

MCA (2017-19), 2nd Rank Holder
Asst. Software Engineer,MACFAST

I am grateful to MACFAST for offering me a unique combination of learning and self-development through MACFAST Library and Information Center. Libraries provide opportunities to explore, to expand our knowledge and transform our minds, and stretch our imaginations, to connect with information.

Mr. Abhishek T M

S3 MBA (2020-22), MACFAST


MACFAST Library and Information Centre is one among the most important section of our college. There is a unique collection of books for us students to help us to attain knowledge and clear our doubts related to MBA Program.There is a vast range of previous year question papers and references for Bank Test and other exams.

Ms. Swetha Ramesh

S3 MBA (2020-22), MACFAST


The Library of MACFAST is enriched with lots of books, articles, magazines, publications etc. It is really a treasure of knowledge, which is not only supporting academics but for the career. The huge collection of books and e-books acts as a comprehensive resource and service in supporting the research, teaching and learning needs of ours.

Mrs. Akhila B

AP, Dept. of Biochemistry

National College, Ambalathara

During my college days, one of the most worthwhile things in my wallet was my library cards, which was actually the key formula for solving my class assignments, seminars and exams . My most memorable period in library was to serve as the student librarian, who developed a sense of responsibility, confidence and proudness of earning.

Ms. Sonia Philip

MSc Biochemistry, (2016-18)


A library is said to be the heart and should of a college. Students of MACFAST are blessed with a vast library. Students come to the library and take books of their choice either for reading in the library itself or for study at home or hostel. It is a rewarding experience to sit in the library for one or two hours and study.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The main users of the library are MACFAST students, staff , faculty of college and staff members of Radio MACFAST 90.4.

  • The library will be open from morning 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM for reference and reading.

  • The circulation of books (issue and return) is done 8:00 AM - 6:0 PM in regular working days and 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM on saturdays.

  • The books availabe in reference section will be issued to students on week ends and last working day before college vacations. The issue of book starts after 1:00 PM on the respective day and students should return it before 9:00 AM on next working day.

  • Every student of MACFAST is eligible to work as a student library assistant. The working time for student assistants is between 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM & 4:45 PM to 9:00 PM. Those who are interested are requested to send their application to library@macfast.org.

  • Presently we are having reprorgrahic service only from 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM in regular working days and 8:30 AM- 12:30 PM on saturdays.

  • The library will remain closed on second Saturdays, Sundays, government holidays and college vacation. All the holidays for college is applicable for library also.