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Library Guidelines

Following are the Library guidelines which must be followed in and around the Library :

  • Silence must be observed in and around the library.
  • Students on entering should record their details in the visitors register.
  • All types of combine studies and group discussions are prohibited in the library.
  • Those who need guest user (outsiders) membership have to get prior permission from principal/Librarian of the college, along with a reference from higher authority of the respective institution.
  • Students visiting the library should show, on demand, their identity card to the library staff without which library services may be refused to them.
  • Students are not allowed to take any books into the library stack room. (one note book may be taken into the reading room).
  • Use of laptops other than for academic purpose is strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Students are expected to co-operate with the staff/ students Library assistant who is in charge of the section.
  • Any complaints regarding the library services and staff/student library assistant should be first informed to Librarian.
  • Each student will be given three borrowers card and one overnight reference issue card. One book at a time may be borrowed against each card. When the book is returned to the library, the cards will be given back.
  • Students are expected to take care for the safety of the card issued to them. The student to whom card is issued will be responsible for all the books borrowed against the card.
  • Whenever a student has to get a ‘no dues’ certificate from the library he/she has to surrender all library books, all four cards issued and college identity card to the library.
  • To borrow books form the library, find out the required book with the help of online catalogue or with the assistance of library staff. Then handover the book along with the borrowers’ card and your identity card to library staff to imprint the due date label and issue the book.
  • Members must, on receiving the books, examine them and report to the library staff any damage found therein. If they fail to do so they will be held responsible for any damage detected afterwards. The person will have to pay thrice the amount cost of the material for replacing the same.
  • A book borrowed should be returned on or before the date last marked on its date label. An overdue charge of Rs.1 will be levied for each day. Maximum amount of due to library will be Rs. 50. All the service will be suspended to the user when the maximum limit is reached.
  • The books taken for overnight reference should be returned on the next working day as soon as the library opens. Otherwise an over dues charge of two rupees for each hour will be levied from the defaulter. Those who fail frequently to return overnight reference will have to face disciplinary action taken.
  • Those who took books from the library are not expected to make any markings or underlining in the books and periodicals belonging to the library. Tearing of pages from books/ any damage caused to any library belonging will be viewed as serious matter.
  • When a borrowed book is lost by a member he/she must report the matter to the librarian immediately, fill in the necessary form and get back his/her card. Otherwise he/she will have to pay not only the cost of replacing the book but also the fine accumulated until the card is returned.
  • The librarian can refuse to issue the same book to same user repeatedly if it is necessary material for others.
  • The maximum loan period for a particular book will be 28 days (the students have to renew the book on or before 14th day of issue). CD ROM and other materials will be issued for overnight use only. Project reports, thesis etc will not be issued or to any person at any circumstances.
  • Photocopying of the reports, thesis etc will not be allowed on any circumstances.
  • Rare books, books of very high cost art book etc may not be issued for use outside the library.
  • The librarian can recall from a borrower any book at any time.
  • The book bank issues must be returned after the university examinations within 7 days, violation of this will lead to Rs 10 fine.
  • Any type of misbehavior inside the library toward staff/ students library assistants/ fellow user will be viewed seriously.
  • All services ( including book bank ) of the library may be suspended to any one violating the rules of the library.
  • Faculty members are supposed to renew the books issued to them once in a month.
  • Overnight reference of library books are canceled.
  • Rare books are not for issue outside the library and it is only for reference purpose.
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